"Innovate to Scale. Serving humanity and the planet responsibly."


Responsible. Relevant. Profitable.


It has come to the foreground humanity and the planet needs more of our attention. What better way to leave a positive outcome than the business that you practice? Regardless if you are a producer or a consumer, a voice of one or collective chorus of many, you, I, we have an impact. VisionFwd champions business to be both profitable and sustainable through an interdisciplinary human-centric design led practice including: design research, design-thinking workshops, service design, interaction/user experience design, and storytelling.

To innovate is to self disrupt. That requires true seeing, understanding the root-cause or the problem to be solved. Nga brings an exceptional level of enthusiasm, empathy, dedication, and nuanced perspective to achieve holistic solution for clients across industry sectors for both public and private institutions.


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Human-Centered Design Led Practitioner



Nga Nguyen

15 yrs cumulative professional experience working with executives and director levels on strategic planning and leading design in trend/future-casting, R&D, design/prototype, and liaison to marketing and communications to ensure brand integrity. Nga has embodied a full experience of what it takes from vision to completion in projects at multimillion dollar national retail brands such as INC Macy’s, Eileen Fisher Inc, Jockey Int’l to name a few. Upon returning for a masters in Interaction Design from the School of Visual Arts Nga has broaden the scope as an industry agnostic driven by an interdisciplinary, human-centered design led practice. Currently, servicing the beauty/wellness, healthcare, IoT connected devices, art/media and entertainment sector at the intersection of business, design, and technology. Having undergone the process what it takes to launch product at scale is to appreciate the coordination of a multitude of people, business intricacy, and technology feasibility behind that movement. Seeing the organization in its entirety is to see it as a dynamic living system and how it interact, engage, and respond to competition and environmental changes. This understanding has led Nga to launch VisionFwd to help business leaders deliver the best solution for sustainable business practice.



School of Visual Arts Masters, Interaction Design 2015

University of Delaware
B.S., Fashion Design & Merchandising, Art Minor, Surface Design 1999

Activities & Affiliations

• Association for Transformational Leadership of NYC
• Startup delegate/advisor/mentor: Soft Landing EU, Kauffman Foundation, Founders Institute, NYMedia Lab
• Speaker: AIShow.Biz,, 360Fashion, NYDesigns


Innovate to Scale. Serving humanity and the planet responsibly.
— VisionFwd