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Smart connected appliance

Driving Innovation and Strategy Through Research

Engineering meets design to drive the next generation of smart home appliances. Utilizing qualitative data (including in-home user research, secondary online research and quant data, to create scalable smart home consumer product proposals. Thoroughly investigated the possibility of “small innovation” designing for next generation core products and “big innovation” for future products and services. Working with key stakeholders and end-users to understand their goals, desires/needs, drawing insights from related macro trends and designed subsequent and relevant research methodologies. A collaboration between LG x Ecco Int’l Design.

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Design Innovation & strategy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Care

UX Strategy – Digital Health Transformation

Reimagining the future care of healthcare through a holistic and human centered design for a digital preventative interception precision platform through applied user-centered design and system-thinking. Collaborated with internal partners to build a digital preventative interception precision platform. Ideated design concepts, drew insights for hypotheses and prototyped design with value proposition and persona(s) in mind. Ideated near future user flow states to illustrate screen interactions to discern roadblocks and identify unique opportunities.

New York Public Library

Driving Innovation through research

Qualitative Research to learn pain points, hidden desires by library goers through their current experiences to deliver insights to draw new opportunities for the NYPL in the greater New York City communities.




Bridging Social Trends to Solve E-commerce Problem

UNFILTERED is a service platform that bridge the perceptual gap of a "one size view all" to help online shoppers with better decision making of fashion garments viewed on closest match body type culled by crowd-sourced selfie photos shared by shoppers. The current online experience  only showcase an ideal model size represented by the brand but does not fully articulate how it may work on women of different height and curves. This unique exchange allows shopper to have a better representation of fit relative to their body shape, hence reduce the chance of returns for both buyer and retailer.



Health and the Urban Environment

Kanari is a wearable device that alerts users about the level of pollution (cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes) being emitted in the environment. City life is hectic and stressful partially due to high traffic volume causing fatigue and affecting personal well-being. The design explored different solutions to help busy city dwellers to be aware of their immediate air quality.



Meditation for every day living

Inspired by ancient teachings, behavioral science, and technology. Evoke Augmented Meditation Stone seeks to bring mindfulness through micro-moments within our every day life. The Evoke Augmented Meditation Stone will help busy individuals recalibrate their well-being via regular mindful moments during their day. 

Smart Ambient Light

Lighting that works in context with human sleep/wake cycle

Jet lag results when our internal biological clock remains synchronized to your home time zone while you have travel to a different time zone. By managing one’s sleep/wake cycle while crossing multiple time zones is critical to one’s health and performance. Understand, the adoption of smart ambient inflight lighting can enhance rest as it affects your circadian rhythm which can make a difference to your performance followed by the time you arrive at your next big game competition or major meeting. A project for Gossamer, aerospace engineer startup.