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Workshop: Human-Centered Design for Innovation & Strategy for 360FashionTech hosted by Knotel Group

What is a human-centered design-led practice for innovation and strategy? the process inspires and engages participation from stakeholders as part of the design process. Interdisciplinary at its roots, it embraces qualitative research, behavioral science, service design, business strategy, and system-thinking to shape a more holistic approach to design and how we view business and use technology to leverage human core capabilities. As we enter into the fourth industrial revolution this newfound layer of knowledge helps frame new approach to help solve complex problems for companies to shape a better quality future. The foundational understanding to use design as a way to empower individuals and impact communities, provide better product and service innovation at scale effectively. Deeply driven to understand how humans think, feel and what drives their behavior and decision-making a human-centered design led practices about people in context of its culture, how business models and emerging tech impact individuals, society, and the planet.